Questions you might have

About Chocolate

Can I have more than five ingredients?

Unfortunately five is the limit. We have found that a maximum of five ingredients is the best balance between variety and taste. Additionally, chocolate space becomes an issue past five ingredients.

Can I add my favorite ingredient twice?

Here at 'Make A Chocolate' we always fill your bar with the ingredients you want. No matter how many ingredients you choose, your bar will be packed with your favorite ingredients. If you choose gummi bears and pretzels your custom chocolate bar will be overflowing with these two ingredients. No need to double up on ingredients - we will give you plenty!

Is the chocolate gluten-free?

Our chocolate is gluten free BUT we do not work in a gluten free facility, so people with a severe allergy should not order from us. We have warnings on every box about the possible risk of gluten being in the bar.

Is the chocolate Vegan?

Our dark chocolate is Vegan but we deal with many non-Vegan items in our factory so we cannot promise that our product is actually Vegan

Is the chocolate Kosher?

Currently our chocolate is not certified kosher.

What size are the custom chocolate bars?

The weight of our chocolate bars is 3.5 oz (100g) before we add the ingredients. The dimensions are about 6 x 3.5 inches, which is the standard size for fine european chocolate bars.

What sets the 'Make A Chocolate' chocolate bars apart from the others?

Our custom chocolate bars are made from the finest Belgian chocolate, which has long been considered the finest chocolate on the planet. Also, you can be sure that your chocolate bar has not been sitting on a shelf for a couple of months before it gets to your home. Each of our masterpieces is handmade to order. We temper the chocolate to precisely the right temperature to make sure it arrives at your door as smooth as can be.

How do I customize my 'Make A Chocolate' chocolate bar?

Customizing your 'Make A Chocolate' chocolate bar is very easy using our customization interface. Go to the 'Create A Chocolate' and select one of our three premium Belgian chocolate bases. Then select up to five ingredients from our assortment of over 100 fruits, nuts, candy, decorations, herbs and spices.

Can I order 'Make A Chocolate' chocolate for my business?

'Make A Chocolate' chocolate bars are very popular for corporate gifts. Aside from being able to customize the bar itself, with bulk orders you can customize the packaging as well so you can add your logo or anything you like to the box – bulk discounts start at 50 bars. Check out our business section for more ideas and contact information.

Can I order 'Make A Chocolate' chocolate for my wedding?

Absolutely, 'Make A Chocolate' chocolate bars are great for wedding favors. For bulk orders, you can customize the box as well as the bar. Popular orders include a picture of the couple, their names, or a thank you to the guests. Bulk order discounts start at 50 bars. Visit our wedding favors page for more ideas and contact information.

I want a new ingredient that isn’t on your list – what do I do?

We get a lot of emails about great new ingredient suggestions so check our blog to see if there is currently an ingredients poll that you can vote on. We will typically add the top three to the list of ingredients.

I forgot about the upcoming holiday and I need something fast!

We have discounts around every holiday season so look at our Favorites section for holiday gift bars – don’t forget to write a message on our news gift certificate as well.

What are the allergy alerts associated with your custom chocolate bars?

Our chocolate may contain nuts, seed, milk and gluten.

Is the chocolate dairy free?

Our dark chocolate does not contain any dairy however there may be traces of dairy through cross contamination from other ingredients that include dairy products. Our milk and white chocolate contain dairy.

How long does the chocolate keep?

Chocolate has a long shelf life and when stored in proper conditions can be good for more than two years. The shelf life of your custom chocolate bar is however reduced when adding ingredients. The vast majority of ingredients, when combined with your chocolate will have a shelf life of 2 months. There are a few ingredients that have a shorter shelf life. Beef jerky, Pop Rocks and Marshmallows all have about a one to two week shelf life. Additionally all nutritional fact labels on the back of our packaging include a best by date.

I cannot eat all my chocolate at once where should I keep it to make sure it stays fresh?

Chocolate is best kept in a cool and dry environment. Room temperature ranging from 60 to 75 degrees will keep the chocolate in excellent condition for maximum shelf life.

I would like to order a 'Make A Chocolate' custom chocolate bar but do not want to add any ingredients, is this possible?

Yes, if you would like to just try a plain chocolate bar, select the base flavor in the 'Create A Chocolate'. Once you have selected the base flavor you reach the ingredients page, simply select the “add to cart” button in the lower right hand corner of the customization interface and your plain bar will be added.

I want someone else to be able to create a custom chocolate bar. Does 'Make A Chocolate' offer gift certificates?

Yes, 'Make A Chocolate' offers gift certificates so your friends, colleagues and loved ones can create a personalized chocolate bar- Gift certificates will be emailed to the recipient with a copy of the email being sent to the purchaser. Enclosed in the gift certificate email is a printable version of the gift card so if you would like to deliver the gift card yourself you may have the email sent to your email address and then simply print the gift card.

About Shipping

How long does it take once I place my order for a 'Make A Chocolate' chocolate bar to get here?

We typically take one or two days to make the chocolate bars depending on the day of the week and the time of day that the order was placed. Shipping within India takes an additional 1-3 days depending on where you live. You can always check the turnaround time at the bottom of our virtual chocolate bar in the 'Create A Chocolate'.

Does 'Make A Chocolate' ship outside of the India?


When its hot outside is my bar in danger of melting?

In the summer months we put ice packs into every box that we ship out to make sure that your custom chocolate bar reaches you in the best condition. BUT if you place an order and you are worried about not being home when your bars are delivered, please have them shipped to your work address or another address where you know that someone will be there to take them inside to keep them out of the sun.

Does 'Make A Chocolate' ship custom chocolate to P.O. Boxes?

'Make A Chocolate' does ship your personalized chocolate bars to P.O. Boxes.

I want to ship my custom chocolate bar to a rural area where the USPS does not always ship, will my personalized chocolate bar get there?

If USPS does not ship to the location we cannot guarantee that the package will get there and do not recommend shipping to that location. If you choose to select this shipping address and it does not arrive 'Make A Chocolate' will not refund or replace the order. In these situations the recipients often have a USPS P.O. Box, which 'Make A Chocolate' will ship to. If you are unsure whether USPS ships to this location we recommend you call 1800 ASK USPS for clarification.

I entered the wrong address when I selected shipping for my 'Make A Chocolate' custom chocolate bar what should I do?

If you realize that you incorrectly entered the shipping address for your personalized chocolate bar order respond to the orders@'Make A Chocolate'.com confirmation email you received after your order was processed. Depending on when you order your bars will be shipped out within one or two days so responding immediately is important to rectifying the mistake. If 'Make A Chocolate' is not notified of the mistaken address before the item is shipped out 'Make A Chocolate' will not refund or replace the custom chocolate bars. Please note that if you selected UPS shipping options and change address your shipping costs may be subject to change.

I will not be home during the day to receive my 'Make A Chocolate' custom chocolates is this a problem?

We recommend that you ship your personalized chocolate bars to a location where someone will be able to receive the package. We strongly recommend that you observe this protocol during extreme weather conditions e.g. extreme summer heat or cold winter temperatures as the bars will be susceptible to melting or cracking due to temperature. If no one will be available to receive the package consider sending to a neighbor or to your place of work. Where the package is left is up to the discretion of the delivery person who may choose to redeliver at a later date or leave the package in a location that may not be ideal. In any case 'Make A Chocolate' guarantees the integrity of the product and will replace or refund any issue but we ask for your cooperation to ensure the best possible result.

My 'Make A Chocolate' custom chocolate bars melted or were broken, what now?

'Make A Chocolate' guarantees the integrity of our personalized chocolate bars and will replace or refund your order as appropriate. If you have an issue we encourage you to email us with your order number as per your confirmation email and identify the issue. You can send this email to

I received personalized chocolate bars from 'Make A Chocolate' but there was no note, how can I find who it is from?

'Make A Chocolate' offers the ability for customers to include a note for recipients however this is not standard and the purchaser may not have included this. On the outside of the box you will find a sticker that shows who ordered the chocolate so even if there is no greeting card included you will know who sent you the delicious treats. The invoice will only be emailed to the purchaser so there won't be an invoice in the actual box. If for whatever reason there is no sticker on the box or you still have questions about the order please give us a call at ***-***-***

I want to send someone a custom chocolate bar but do not want them to see how much the chocolate bars cost, how can I avoid this?

Anytime 'Make A Chocolate' sends custom chocolate to an address or recipient that is different from the billing address the invoice is removed so the recipient will not see any billing information.

I want to send someone a custom chocolate bar and want them to know who designed it, how do I do this?

'Make A Chocolate' offers the ability to create a greeting card that is included with your personalized chocolate bars. Greeting cards are available during checkout for $1.50 and allow the purchaser to include a message for the recipient.

I want to order some custom chocolate bars now but I do not want them to ship until later, can I do this?

If you are ordering now for a special event at a later date it is not a problem for 'Make A Chocolate' to flag your order and set it aside so that it is made and shipped for the date requested. If you would like to ship at a later date respond to your confirmation email from which you will receive once your order is processed. 'Make A Chocolate' produces and ships bars generally in one to two days so if you would like your shipment delayed you must respond quickly to ensure your package is not sent out as a regular order.

I checked the tracking information for my 'Make A Chocolate' custom chocolate bars. The information says my order has been delivered but I have not received my order, what now?

If your package is being sent to a large apartment complex or workplace there is sometimes a packaging center, which has received the item but is processing it before it gets to the recipient. If this is the case we recommend you check in with the packaging center. If this is not the case, for instance if you live in a single family residence it is always possible that the package was delivered to a neighboring home. If possible we encourage you to check in with neighbors and or call USPS via 1 800 ASK USPS. You can also of course call or email 'Make A Chocolate' for assistance via 856 375 2041 or When contacting us please include your order number and or the name and address of the recipient.

Does 'Make A Chocolate' ship custom chocolate bars everyday?

'Make A Chocolate' ships personalized chocolate bars Monday-Friday. During the warmer parts of the summer months 'Make A Chocolate' does not ship on Fridays to ensure that packages do not sit in warm warehouses over the weekend.