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Unique Chocolate Gifts

If you want to give a thoughtful and unique gift, personalized chocolate bars by us are a wonderful idea – you do the “creative” work and you personalize the chocolate bar with the name or an insider joke, and we turn it into a gourmet chocolate gift, and then send it either to you or directly to the recipient. You can add a gift box or greeting card, or you can send an anonymous gift.

If you are not sure which chocolate bar to create, take a look at our “Ready Bars” with some of the most popular chocolate bars that make great gifts. Buy chocolate that is unique, fun and delicious!

Whether you are looking for some cool corporate gifts, personalized candy for your wedding or candy bar favors for an event – you’ve come to the right place. We have bulk discounts for any custom chocolate that you can make on our site, as well as other individualization options such as a customized wrapper for your chocolate bar or an edible picture or logo on the chocolate bar. Find out more on our Gifts Page.

Customized Chocolate Bars Like No Other

Make A Chocolate is India’s first company that lets you create your own chocolate bar online by choosing from three bases (dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate) and over 100 toppings, ranging from chili to candied rose petals and even real gold flakes. That allows for more than 27 billion combinations! Which one is yours?
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